The Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Law


“One of the defining features of contemporary moral philosophy in nearly all its guises is the lack of serious concern for metaphysics—not as a discipline in itself, but as a necessary foundation for ethics. One should not mistake the fashionable project of “evolutionary ethics” for an attempt to tie morals to metaphysics, rather than seeing it more accurately as a program for burying ethics in the quicksand of current biological fan- cy. Nor should one, for instance, see in existentialism a serious concern for metaphysical underpinnings rather than what amounts to no more than a series of denials of the truths that used to undergird moral think- ing.2 Again, one sees in the various forms of liberal ethics that dominate the academy—consequentialism, contractualism, deontology—an almost”

The Metaphysical Foundations Of Natural Law (Oderberg)

Al-Māturīdī and the Development of Sunnī Theology in Samarqand – Ulrich Rudolph


“Abū Manṣūr Muḥammad b. Muḥammad al-Māturīdī (d. 333/944) is among the few Islamic theologians whose significance needs no emphasis nor special reminder. His reputation as a groundbreaking mutakallim is long undisputed; his influence on later generations, which manifested in its own school of theol- ogy, is acknowledged by all. This legacy has raised him to the rank of a leading teacher of the Islamic faith, and al-Māturīdī is still referred to as such to this day in nearly every handbook and survey on Islam.”

Rudolph, Al-Maturidi And The Development Of Sunni Theology In Samarqand

A Commentary on the Creed of Islam (trans by Earl Edger Elder)


During recent years there has been a revival of interest in things mediaeval. The Neo-Thomist school of is but one evidence of philosophy this. Different scholars have reminded us that the Middle Ages arc not a backwater nor a bayou having little connection with the great stream of intellectual movements in our civilized world. Nor can one fully appreciate this in the period of history Europe and ignore the contributions of Islam and Judaism.

Taftazani, A Commentary On The Creed Of Islam (trans. Elder)

The Islamic philosophers views on education


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Notes on the Semantic Range of ‘Deliverance’ in the Quran


In The Ends of Philosophy of Religion Timothy Knepper argues for a wide-ranging and globally inclusive approach to a sub-discipline of philosophy that has largely been confined to, and defined by, Anglo-American and Continental philosophical traditions on the one hand and Christian philosophical theology on the other. Knepper’s central contention is that “philosophy of religion” is far too constrained in its scope and focus, and thereby is unable……….

Notes On The Semantic Range Of ‘Deliverance’ In The Quran (JAOS 138.2, 2018)

The Bodily Positions of the Ritual Prayer by William Chittick

The Bodily Positions of the Ritual Prayer. –

Prof. William Chittick discusses the inner meaning of the bodily positions of the Salah.