Ibn Khaldūn Between Legal Theory and Legal Practice – Mourad Laabdi

Beyond his prevailing reputation as an historian of imposing stature, Abd al-RaAm:n Ibn Khald<n (d. 808/1406) was recognized by his contemporaries for his mastery of several other scholarly domains. A close friend and rival, Lisan al-Din Ibn al-Khatib(d. 776/1374), attributed to him books on logic and arithmetic, a commentary on a poem he had written on legal theory, and ‘several summaries of the books of Ibn Rushd, Ibn al-Kha3;b also appreciated his book on Islamic mysticism Shifa al-sa’il li-tahdh;b al-mas:8il (Healing of the seeker), and his commentary on Fakhr al-D;n al-R:z;’s (d. 606/1210) MuAaBBal afk:r al-mutaqaddim;n wa-l-muta8akhkhir;n min al-‘ulam:8 wa-l-Aukam: wa-l-mutakallim;n (Gleanings from the ideas of the early and late scholars, philosophers, and theologians). Ibn Khald<n’s fascination with