‘Shining of the Lights and the Veil of the Sights in the Secrets Bright – An Akbarī Approach to the Problem of Pure Consciousness – Oludamini Ogunnaike


“Consciousness is perhaps the most basic, and therefore impossible to describe or define, reality – a conception, which in most schemas, is presupposed by all conceptions (there must be a consciousness conceiving of these conceptions). Numerous scientists have called consciousness the ‘final frontier’ of their discipline, but those of us who study religion (and poetry, music, and other forms of art for that matter) have been privy to traditions that have been exploring consciousness in profound, and profoundly different ways for millennia. One of the more interesting conversations about consciousness to take place in the modern academic discipline of religious studies has become known as the ‘KatzForman debate’, and has generated a slew of articles, conference panels, and edited volumes and monographs”

Shining Of The Lights And The Veil Of The Sights In The Secrets Bright (Ogunnaike)



“The arguments of this book have been in the making for more than a decade, particularly since 2009, when they became an almost permanent staple in my course offerings at Columbia University. Throughout these intellectual exercises, I have come to learn that there is no single important aspect of modernity that is not touched, to one degree or another, by the issues that the problem of Orientalism raises. This, then, is a book that is as much about modernity as it is about Orientalism, just as the concerns of my The Impossible State were as much about this condition as they were about the state. More importantly, and as this book intends to show, I have learned that Orientalism euphemizes a series of theoretical and substantive inquires that pertain to the constitution of the modern self as much as they are about a supposed “Other,” historical or otherwise. Although I am largely unconcerned with the modalities of Europe’s self- formation against an Orient, the constitution of the modern self—whose sources certainly”

Hallaq, Restating Orientalism

Islam and Secularism – Syed Muhammad Naquib Al – Attas


About ten years ago* the influential Christian philoso­pher and one regarded by Christians as among the fore­ most of this century, Jacques Maritain, described how Christianity and the Western world were going through a grave crisis brought about by contemporary events arising out of the experience and understanding and interpretation of life in the urban civilization as manifested in the trend of neo-modernist thought which emerged from among the Christians themselves and the intellectuals philosophers, theologians, poets, novelists, writers, artists

Al-Attas, Islam And Secularism

A Critique of Evolutionary Theory


The essays assembled in this book bring into focus a broad range of criticisms of the modem theory of evolution: logical, mathe­matical, physical, biological, religious, philosophical, and meta­physical. The arguments presented.


Religion and the Environmental Crisis: The Views of Hinduism and Islam


The Islamic philosophers views on education


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THE SUBJECT OF JERUSALEM is an extremely significant one for both spiritual and obviously mundane reasons. For men and women of faith, especially those who belong to the world of Abrahamic monotheism, it is of both immediate and ultimate concern……………

Nasr_Article_The Spiritual Significance Of Jerusalem_The Islamic Vision (1999)

The Influence of Rene Guenon in the Islamic World

Although the impact of the teachings of Rene Guenon
upon the Occident has not been studied fully, at lease
there exist a number of studies concerning the far­
reaching influence of his seminal writings in a number of
European countries. Such is unfortunately not the case when
one turns to the Islamic world………………