‘Shining of the Lights and the Veil of the Sights in the Secrets Bright – An Akbarī Approach to the Problem of Pure Consciousness – Oludamini Ogunnaike


“Consciousness is perhaps the most basic, and therefore impossible to describe or define, reality – a conception, which in most schemas, is presupposed by all conceptions (there must be a consciousness conceiving of these conceptions). Numerous scientists have called consciousness the ‘final frontier’ of their discipline, but those of us who study religion (and poetry, music, and other forms of art for that matter) have been privy to traditions that have been exploring consciousness in profound, and profoundly different ways for millennia. One of the more interesting conversations about consciousness to take place in the modern academic discipline of religious studies has become known as the ‘KatzForman debate’, and has generated a slew of articles, conference panels, and edited volumes and monographs”

Shining Of The Lights And The Veil Of The Sights In The Secrets Bright (Ogunnaike)