Al-Daghistani, R. (2023): “Tawwakul and rajāʾ The Concepts of Trust and Hope (in God) from an Islamic-Mystical Perspective”


This article illustrates the concepts of trust (tawakkul) and hope (rajā’) from an Islamic- mystical perspective. To do so, I will first reflect on the term »Islamic mysticism« and methodologically question its legitimacy. Given this background I will then approach the term »Sufism« (taṣawwuf) and try to briefly highlight its main character as a »spir- itual science« and »mystical way«, consisting of different »states« and »stations«, among which »trust«and »hope« occupy important positions. I will next attempt to illuminate trust and hope in the context of Islamic mysticism (Sufism), by referring to some classical Sufi authors and their understandings of both terms. The study will finish with some concluding remarks on trust and hope.