The Incantation of the Griffin (Simurgh) and the Cry of the Eagle: Islam and the Native American tradition


“The incantation of the Simurgh awakens those who are asleep and its abode is on the cosmic mountain (Qāf ). Its incantation reaches everyone but few listen to it. Everyone is with it and yet the majority are without it. . . . This Simurgh flies without moving and takes to the air without wings, and approaches without traversing distances. All forms issue from it but it itself is formless. Its nest is in the East but the West is not deprived of it. Dancers wear and use whistles made of the wing bone of the eagle to which eagle plumes are attached. In recreating the cry of the eagle to the powerful rhythm of song, dance and drum, the Eagle is present in voiceand being, man’s vital breath is united with the essence of sun and life.Through such ritual use of the sacred form man becomes Eagle, and the eagle in his plumes is the Sun.”