Ahmad Ghazali, Inspirations from the World of Pure Spirits (trans. Pourjavady)


The present volume is a complete translation of the Sawani!J, written by the Persian Sufi master Ahmad Ghazzali with a commentary by the translator. The fame of the author, as A.J. Arberry rightly states, “has been overshadowed by that of his illustrious brother” 1 Abu Hamid Muhammad Ghazzili (4-50/I058-505/1 l I l). The exact date of Ahmad’s birth is not known, but we know that he was only a few years younger than his brother, and died fifteen years after him in 520/1126. He spent most of his life preaching in mosques

Ahmad Ghazali, Inspirations From The World Of Pure Spirits (trans. Pourjavady)

The Wine Song (Khamriyyah) of Ibn Al-Farid

The Wine Song of Ibn Farid

Shaykh Umar Ibn al-Farid was an Egyptian scholar of Islamic law, and a teacher of Hadith.  His poetry is considered by many to be the the very height of Arabic Sufi literature.

Layla – by Shaykh Ahmad Al-‘Alawi


A poem by Shaykh Ahmad al-‘Alawi

The Persian Mystics – Jami


By F. Hadland Davis

Salaman & Absal

Salman and Absal

by Abd Ar-Rahman Jami