Sam’ani on the Secret of Love in Adam’s Felicitous Sin -William C. Chittick


“does not follow the pattern of Arabic books in this common genre, for he avoids linguistic analysis and theological abstractions and instead spends most of his time addressing the repercussions of the divine names in the human soul. He makes constant use of imagistic language, poetry, anecdotes, stories of the prophets, accounts of Muhammad and his Companions, and sayings of the great Sufi teachers. The result is one of the most wide-ranging expositions of Islamic spirituality ever written. The book and its author, however,were almost completely forgotten until the text was published in 1989.In 1992 I introduced a few of its teachings about Adam at a conference on Persian Sufism organized by our late and dear friend Leonard Lewisohn, and later I quoted many excerpts in my study of love”…..