Made in God’s Image: A Contemporary Sufi Commentary on Surat al-Insan by the Moroccan Shaykh Mohamed Faouzi al-Karkari

Abstract: “The Karkariyya is a contemporary branch of the Shādhilī Sufi order (ṭarīqa) founded by Shaykh Mohamed Faouzi al-Karkari (b. 1974) in 2007 in the small northeastern Moroccan town of el-Aruit,near the coastal city of Nador.Despite its humble beginnings,the Karkariyyahas established itself as one of Morocco ’s most dynamic centers for the dissemination of Sufi teachings. It is based in a large Sufi lodge ( zāwiya) that accommodates thousands of visitors throughout the year and houses dozens of male and female resident disciples (mutajar-ridīn) who live with the Shaykh for extensive periods of rigorous spiritual training. The order’s largest branches are presently located in France, Algeria, Tunisia, and Oman, with a growing presence in various cities of Morocco, West Africa, and North America.The Karkariyya’s active outreach on social media platforms has contributed to its growth from a local Moroccan order to an internationally diverse, multicultural, and multilingual network of Sufi seekers”