Islam, Fundamentalism, and the Betrayal of Tradition, Revised and Expanded Essays by Western Muslim Scholars, Edited by: Joseph E. B. Lumbard


“Anyone, whether he or she be a Muslim, a follower of another religion, ormore generally anyone who is seriously interested in the relation between Is-lam and the West and Islam in the West, cannot but be attracted to this volume, which is the fruit of the thought of some of the best minds of the younger generation of Muslim scholars, who are at the same time part of Western society,bearing upon some of the most momentous issues of the day. These are issues which affect the lives of everyone, young and old, issues which everyone inthe Islamic world and the West who has the necessary capability and vision must seek to address and solve for the sake of all of God’s creatures wherever they might be, for as the Qur´ān asserts, to God belong both the East and the West.”