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Spiritual Chivalry

Abstract: IT IS NOT  POSSIBLE to discuss Islamic spirituality :Without dealing withthat spiritual reality which is called futuwwah in Arabic and jawan  mardiin Persian and which can be rendered into English as “mysticalyouth” or spiritual chivalry………………

Everything Muhammad: The Image of the Prophet in the Writings of ‘Ayn al-Qudat

Abstract   It is well‑known that Rumi (d. 1273) was a great lover of the ProphetMuhammad. This is best typified in such verses as the ones with whichthe present article begins. Given our knowledge of the devotion to theProphet that we find in Rumi’s writings and in the works of many otherSufi authors,I would here […]

Islam and Music: The legal and the Spiritual Dimensions

Do All Things Possess Awareness?

In An Essay on Man, the eighteenth-century British poet Alexander Pope offers a succinct formulation of an age-old philosophical doctrine about reality. This doctrine, which Arthur Lovejoy refers to as the “great chain of being,” maintains that existence is hierarchical and organically linked…………….. The Great Chain of Consciousness (Renovatio 1.1, 2017)

The Prayer of the Heart in Hesychasm and Sufism

SEYYED HOSSEIN NASR The goblet revealing the universe is the heart of the perfeet man; The mirror that reveals the Truth is in reality this heart. The heart is the depository of the treasures of the Divine Mysteries; Whatever you seek in the two worlds, ask the heart and you shall attain it. Shams al-Dïn […]

Audio Lectures – Quranic Studies

Equilibrium and Realization: William Chittick on Self and the Cosmos by Muhammed Rustom

Abstract: “William Chittick, currently professor of religious studies at the State University of New York (Stony Brook), is an internationally renowned expert on Islamic thought. His contributions to the fields of Sufism and Islamic philosophy have helped paint a clearer picture of the intellectual and spiritual landscape of Islamic civilization from the seventh/thirteenth century onwards. […]

Psychology, Eschatology, and Imagination in Mulla Sadra Shirazi’s Commentary on the Hadith of Awakening – Mohammed Rustom

Mulla Sadra on the Hadith of Awakening