Taḥrīr al-bayān Saʿīd al-Dīn Farghānī on the Psychology of Dhikr


The praise belongs to God, who illumined the hidden thoughts of
the lords of the religion with the lights of submission, faith, and
guidance and who gave to the insights of the companions of certainty
the seeing of the secrets of beneficence, beautiful-doing,
and protection [walāya]; who unveiled the curtains of the soul
from their hearts and gave eminence to the precincts of holiness
with their eyes. So they were upon insight [Quran 12:108] from
their Lord, and the open and the secret had equal standing in their

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The Sound of Silence -William Chittick


“I tried to imagine how the authors of
the old texts that I read would have reacted
to the phrase “the silence of God.” Probably
they would have muttered, “Try listening
for once.” Or they might have quoted the
Qur’anic verse, “They have hearts but they
do not understand with them, they have
eyes but they do not see with them, they
have ears but they do not hear with them”
The word silence (in Arabic, śamt) is”

The Islamic Notion of Beauty – William Chittick


Anyone with the vaguest knowledge of Islamic culture knows that it has produced extraordinary works of art and architecture — Persian miniatures,
the Taj Mahal, the Alhambra. Few are aware, however, that this rich artistic heritage is firmly rooted in a worldview that highlights love and beauty…….


The Worldview of Islamic Philosophy


Philosophy’s relation to the Islamic tradition has often been debated In modern stud­-
ies. A good number of the experts consider the relation tenuous, and others disagree.
The difference of opinion has much to do with differing understandings of the key
terms of the debate. No one seems to have doubted that at least some of the philoso-­
phers are in fact doing “philosophy” in the Greek tradition…………..

The Worldview Of Islamic Philosophy (Chittick)

The Theological Roots of War and Peace According to Islam by William Chittick


Few topics seem so pressing as the threat of war. Eager to establish
peace and prevent a world-wide conflagration, people want to “do
something” as soon as possible. Many of them look to religion with
the idea that its help should be enlisted in accomplishing this most urgent of..


The In-Between: Reflections on the Soul in the Teachings of Ibn ‘Arabi




Modern Science and the Eclipse of Tawhîd

My purpose today is to suggest some of the issues that need to be raised from the side of
Islamic thinking in any discussion of “religion and science.” For “religion,” I will keep in view
the Islamic intellectual tradition, especially in its later stages, when it achieved a synthetic view………..

Modern Science and the Eclipse of Tawhid (Chittick)

Themes of Love in Islamic Mystical Theology by William Chittick


“Muslim scholars who talked about love agreed that it is indefinable. In discussions of human love, they typically limited themselves to describing its symptoms, characteristics, and consequences. They summarized these along the lines of “yearning for union.” By using the word union, they were saying that the goal of lovers is to come together, not to stay apart. They understood love as the energy that brings about the encounter of God and man…”


The Bodily Positions of the Ritual Prayer by William Chittick

The Bodily Positions of the Ritual Prayer. –

Prof. William Chittick discusses the inner meaning of the bodily positions of the Salah.

Rashid al-Din Maybudi’s Tafsir Kashf al-Asrar – Tr. William Chittick

Rashid al-Din Maybudi’s Kashf al-Asrar – Tr. William Chittick

The full name of this commentary is Kashf al-asrār wa ʿuddat al-abrār (“The unveiling of the mysteries and the provision of the pious”). It is the longest Sunni commentary in the Persian language.  Selections translated by William Chittick.