The Problem of Evil – by M. Ali Lakhani


The problem of evil challenges the conception of a deity that combines
the attributes of Omnipotence and Goodness: either attribute alone
is compatible with the existence of evil, but the combination of the
two is not. And yet it is precisely this combination of attributes that is
claimed by the monotheistic God of the Abrahamic religions, giving rise
thereby to the problem of theodicy—the conundrum of evil………….

Lakhani, Problem Of Evil

The Islamic Notion of Beauty – William Chittick


Anyone with the vaguest knowledge of Islamic culture knows that it has produced extraordinary works of art and architecture — Persian miniatures,
the Taj Mahal, the Alhambra. Few are aware, however, that this rich artistic heritage is firmly rooted in a worldview that highlights love and beauty…….


Love in Islamic Thought – William C. Chittick


Western studies of Islam have paid relatively little attention to love. Early scholars
were heirs to a long history of European animosity toward this upstart religion and tended to
assume that love was a Christian monopoly. When Muslim writing on love did come to their
attention, they typically considered it peripheral or borrowed, often by classifying it as “Sufi.”
As Carl Ernst explains, “The term Sufi-ism was invented at the end of the eighteenth century, as
an appropriation of those portions of ‘Oriental’ culture that Europeans found attractive.


The Significance of Human Attire


Along with food and shelter, clothing must rank among the most important but least analyzed sites of colonization. And even those works that do examine the connection between colonization and clothing focus almost entirely on the material dimension of dress. Few works, if any, take the necessary additional step of defining clothing as a component of spirituality. Thus, to find a work that addresses both the material and spiritual dimensions of clothing is no easy task. This is partly due to the segregation of knowledge in modern academia, where discussions of spirituality are eschewed by

Pallis, Do Clothes Make The Person

Standing before God: Human Responsibilities and Human Rights

A Critique of Evolutionary Theory


The essays assembled in this book bring into focus a broad range of criticisms of the modem theory of evolution: logical, mathe­matical, physical, biological, religious, philosophical, and meta­physical. The arguments presented.


The Male and Female in the Islamic Perspective by Seyyed Hossein Nasr


To speak of creation or manifestation is to speak of polarization, of the manifold, of multiplicity
whose first stage is that primordial polarization between the two contending and complementary
principles, which are seen throughout cosmic manifestation and which in human life appear as
the male and female sexes. In relation to the Divine Unity all multiplicity is a veil, and from the
point of view of the Divine Substance everything else is an accident embracing all the
reverberations of the One in the mirror of the many which we call the world, or in fact the many
worlds which at once hide and manifest the One. But from the point of view of the created order….