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The Embodiment of Gratitude (Shukr) in Sufi Ethics by Atif Khalil

Abstarct: It has been argued that in the tradition of Western ethics there have beentwo general approaches to gratitude. There is first of all a view found mostlyamong modern moral philosophers which treats the given virtue as a set offeelings and attitudes. The grateful person is obliged first and foremost to sincerelyacknowledge the benefaction before […]

What is Tafsīr al-Qurʾān bi’l-Qurʾān?

Abstract: In an attempt to understand a well-known though often unexamined exegetical principle,this article offers a reading of the story of Joseph in light of two Quranic passages, namely 39:23and, most importantly, 95:4-6. What links these texts is the concept of beauty. In 39:23, theQuran is referred to as “the most beautiful discourse,” while 95:4 […]

A Critique of Evolutionary Theory

Abstract: The essays assembled in this book bring into focus a broad range of criticisms of the modem theory of evolution: logical, mathe­matical, physical, biological, religious, philosophical, and meta­physical. The arguments presented.