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Rajab Ali Tabrizi Refutation of Sadrian metaphysics

Amongst the most formidable opponents of the metaphysics of Mulla Sadra (d, 1045 AH/1636 or 1050 AH/1640) during the Safavid period was his student and son-in-law ‘Abd al-Razzaq Lahiji (d. 1071 AH/1661-2).’ Unlike Muhsin Fayd Kashani (d, 1091 AH/1680),’ Sadras other son-in­ law and student, Lahiji’s writings were primarily within the tradition of post-Avicennian Islamic […]

The End of Islamic Philosophy by Mohammed Rustom

Islamic traditional teachings are couched in a language which is not easily understood by many contemporary men, especially those with a modern education. The old treatises were usually written in a syllogistic language which is no longer prevalent today. What must be done is to disengage the content of Islamic philosophy from the language which […]

Forgotten Truth: The Common Vision of the World’s Religions

People have a profound need to believe that the truth they perceive is rooted in the unchanging depths of the universe; for were it not, could the truth be really important? Yet how can we so believe when others see truth differently? Archaic peoples, wrapped like cocoons in their tribal beliefs, did not face this […]

Spiritual Chivalry

IT IS NOT  POSSIBLE to discuss Islamic spirituality :Without dealing with that spiritual reality which is called futuwwah in Arabic and jawan  mardi in Persian and which can be rendered into English as “mystical youth” or spiritual chivalry……………… Spiritual Chivalry (Nasr)