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The Male and Female in the Islamic Perspective by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

To speak of creation or manifestation is to speak of polarization, of the manifold, of multiplicity whose first stage is that primordial polarization between the two contending and complementary principles, which are seen throughout cosmic manifestation and which in human life appear as the male and female sexes. In relation to the Divine Unity all […]

Seyyed Hossein Nasr – Three Muslim Sages

THE “golden age, of Islam, insofar as the intensity of the religious and spiritual life and the realization of its ideals are concerned, must be identified with the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad- upon whom be peace- and the first Muslim community at Medina. But just as the seed sown in the ground grows into […]


Seyyed Hossein Nasr is among the most important spokesmen of traditional thought and stated that approximation to the creative will, that he placed at the center, in the contemplative life fed by religious sources is the most important factor in guiding human beings to the straight path……………………… SEYYED_HOSSEIN_NASRS_CONCEPTION_OF_THE_H

Universal Science:An Introduction to Islamic Metaphysics

Philosophy is the foundation of all sciences. It is the universal science (ʿilm-i kullī). Without philosophy no other science can be established (banā kard)…Philosophy is the ontology of any reality (ḥaqīqat). For ex- ample, the reality (ḥaqīqat) of man. If you put philosophy to one side, you have put man aside. Because man is a […]

Neo-Orientalism and the Study of Islamic Philosophy: An Interview with Professor Mohammed Rustom

Abstract: After attending Professor Rustom’s advanced seminar on Ibn Sina at Carleton University in winter 2017, doctoral candidate Soroosh Shahriari of McGill University, Canada, “brought up the possibility of . . [posing] some ‘hard’ questions concerning the contemporary study of Islamic philosophy.” Rustom’s in-depth knowledge of the method and spirit of traditional Islamic education and Islamic […]