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The Door Of Mercy Kenan Rifai And Sufism Today

Actionless Action Mohammed Rustom It has indeed been a blessing to sit with the great Kenan Rifai’s com­ mentary upon book one of Mevlana’s Mesnevi Spending time with this book naturally led me to Kenan Rifai’s explanation of a famous tale in the centered around ‘Ali b. Abi Talib. The tale is retold from……… (link […]

The Worldview of Islamic Philosophy

Philosophy’s relation to the Islamic tradition has often been debated In modern stud­- ies. A good number of the experts consider the relation tenuous, and others disagree. The difference of opinion has much to do with differing understandings of the key terms of the debate. No one seems to have doubted that at least some […]

On Cultivating Gratitude (Shukr) in Sufi Virtue Ethics by Atif Khalil

Abstract Gratitude or shukr is one of the most central of Islamic virtues, the importance of which is underscored by the fact that the defining notions of “faith” and “disbelief” revolve around the pivots of shukr and kufr (= ingratitude). The article focuses on treatments of the virtue within the Sufi tradition, and even here, […]

The Embodiment of Gratitude (Shukr) in Sufi Ethics by Atif Khalil

It has been argued that in the tradition of Western ethics there have been two general approaches to gratitude. There is first of all a view found mostly among modern moral philosophers which treats the given virtue as a set of feelings and attitudes. The grateful person is obliged first and foremost to sincerely acknowledge […]