Abdelbaki Meftah Al-Jazairi a reader of the Greatest Master (al‐Shaykh al‐Akbar) MuhyiAl-Din Ibn Al-Arabi Al-Andalusi


“This study seeks to uncover the scholarly contributions of an Algerian researcher, Abdelbaki Meftah, regarded as a pivotal contemporary authority in Akbarian Sufism. His over five decades of service to the Akbarian tradition have yielded more than fifty publications, which collectively establish an academic endeavor to bridge the gap between the metaphysical sciences of Ibn Arabi and contemporary readership through highlighting their Qur’anic underpinnings. This descriptive and analytical research aims to offer a concentrated examination of Meftah’s engagement with Akbarian Sufism, delineating the distinctive features of his readings, and the methodologies he proposes to facilitate the comprehension of Akbarian texts. The study concludes that Meftah’s oeuvre is a structural explication of Akbarian spiritual vision, an interrelational exegesis that elucidates the consonance and proportionality within Ibn Arabi’s writings and between these texts and the religious scriptural tradition”