Notes on the Semantic Range of ‘Deliverance’ in the Quran

In The Ends of Philosophy of Religion Timothy Knepper argues for a wide-ranging and globally inclusive approach to a sub-discipline of philosophy that has largely been confined
to, and defined by, Anglo-American and Continental philosophical traditions on the one hand and Christian philosophical theology on the other. Knepper’s central contention is that
“philosophy of religion” is far too constrained in its scope and focus, and thereby is unable……….


Notes On The Semantic Range Of ‘Deliverance’ In The Quran (JAOS 138.2, 2018)

The Bodily Positions of the Ritual Prayer by William Chittick

The Bodily Positions of the Ritual Prayer. –

Prof. William Chittick discusses the inner meaning of the bodily positions of the Salah.