‘God Surrounds all Things’: An Islamic Perspective on the Environment

In attempting to understand the Islamic view of the envi­ronment, we have to begin by asking how Islam has tra­ditionally discussed the concept with which we are dealing. How does one say “environment” in the language of the Koran?………………………

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The Question of Theodicies by Frithjof Schuon

“God does what He wills”: this affirmation in the Koran all too readily evokes the unfortunate image of a more or less arbitrary Divine Will, when in fact it simply means that man is in general
ignorant of the motives of that Will, particularly with regard to the multiple contradictions the world displays. According to theologians, God does not “will” sin since He forbids it, but He does “will” it since sin is possible and nothing happens without God “willing” it or even “creating” it; otherwise one would have to admit, it appears, that God is unable to prevent what……….

The Question Of Theodicies (Schuon)

The Prayer of the Heart in Hesychasm and Sufism

The goblet revealing the universe is the heart of the perfeet
The mirror that reveals the Truth is in reality this heart.
The heart is the depository of the treasures of the Divine
Whatever you seek in the two worlds, ask the heart and you
shall attain it.
Shams al-Dïn Lâhïjï, Sharfa-i gulshan-i räz

The Prayer of the Heart in Hesychasm and Sufism (Nasr)

Illumination and Non-Delimitation by Reza Shah-Kazemi

Illumination and Non-Delimitation: Lessons for Inter and Intra Faith Dialogue From the Wisdom of the Prophet of Islam